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We at Maple Home Solutions provide countertop products for both residential and commercial properties. From luxurious to affordable and moderate products, we have everything covered in our large range of products in a variety. Balancing artistic expression with simple structures, we have a range of choices for you to surf through.

Granite Countertops

The very first and most popular in-demand would be Granite Countertops. Tough & resilient composition with gorgeous patterns only make them un-dislikeable. When looking for a long-term solution, granite countertops are the best fit. Crafted into numerous designs and styles to choose from, a perfect all-time classic choice.

Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops have been in the market since ancient times, who doesn’t remember the wondrous Taj Mahal, made of only marble? Marble is nature’s product for ever-lasting beauty with significant colour textures. Marble can be refinished when required, as it may be prone to acidic spills. These countertops are a work of art and are known for their strength.


Quartz surfaces are very easy to maintain and are considered scratchless. Manufactured with 93% natural quartz, and 7% polymers, this combination in itself is naturally hard and hence needs no seal. This makes quartz one of the most durable countertops with minimal maintenance available. Creating the harmonious ambience, you want to have at your place. Quartz is for the ones who have polished & fine taste for aesthetics. Easy to clean and appears lavish to the eyes.


Similar in beauty to marble, but even more durable in many cases, Quartzite countertops are an increasingly popular option for many home applications including quartzite countertops, backsplashes and more, because of their availability in different colours, textures, and patterns, that are pleasing to the eyes. Typically, Quartzite is a more expensive natural stone, however many find it is worth the investment for high-use applications, such as a quartzite counter in the kitchen or bathroom, over the long term. Highly economical option for the ones who want a balance of bright beauty and a handy budget.

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