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That one place in your home, where you could be “you” with no filters, your escape room. Your bathroom is your escape space, is the place where you can relax, where your visitors can relax. The atmosphere of your house could be determined by the way you keep your bathroom. With the right set of add-ons in your bathroom, you can so turn it into the ideal private space.


A bathtub today is no more a luxury fitting. It is the perfect way to increase the resale value of your furnished and polished house. It maximizes the use of your bathroom space. Putting your feet up in comfortable bathtubs with designs that help you laze up a little.

Mirrors and Glasses

Bathroom Mirrors are usually the first place where you see your face first thing in the morning, and that decides your mood for the day. A good mirror could lift your mood and give your bathroom an aesthetic and classy look. Mirror Selfies in the bathroom are the new trend and you don’t want to stay behind, do you? Your bathroom mirror designs really could add to the beauty of the place and get you extra likes and comments. Choose from our collection or get it customised, for your residential property, we’ll work it out for you. Install the perfectly structured glasses to your space and let the magic unfold for you. It’s your show, let the light be on you.

Showers Doors

Shower doors save you from a day of cleaning the splashed water outside your shower. Shower doors can create a different functionality and majorly impact the appearance of your bathroom. Enhance the experience of your shower with our wide variety of shower doors to experiment with. Framed or frameless, sliding, or hinged doors, the shower doors that our team of experts work on, are 100 per cent quality material doors.

Fences and Railings

Complete the look of your elegant bathroom by adding strong and chic fences & railings. We have several railing and fencing options available for you to choose from. One such is composite and aluminium deck railing that offers excellent anti-rust & anti-oxidation treatment. Made sturdier and easy to clean with stainless steel that stays fresh even in harsh environments, our railings are safe, antibacterial, and non-slip.

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