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Over the years, we all change our appearance, some follow the trend, some just want touch-ups and some, well, completely change into something new. The same goes with houses, a little maintenance, care and change is a must for homes, won’t you agree? Yes, then that’s where we come into the picture. Maple Home Solutions brings to you home renovation services, external and internal. The reasons to renovate your home could be anything to nothing, whether you want to expand the space to its maximum or improve the aesthetics of your home or add some extra fun features that can make your life easy, everything is valid.

External Renovations

And what is the first thing you notice when you go to somebody’s house? The exterior of their house, and that makes the first impression, and we already know that the first Impression is the last impression, so let’s make sure that yours is awesome! Whilst also making it look awesome, we want to make it 100% solid & safe for the residents of the house. We work on various exterior services such as siding, soffit, fascia, gutters, fences, decks, windows, doors, framing, masonry, garage, wall painting, vents, backyard, and roof replacements. Backed by professional workmanship, our services will leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing you full satisfaction. Of course, what lies inside matters, but at Maple Home Solutions, we ensure the outer is as beautiful and elegant as the inner.

Internal Renovations

The internal features of your home, define you, making it the most incredible part of your home. It’s up to you, how you want to enhance, embrace, and emerge an effortless look. Make your home spectacular with our stunning interior renovation services. Reinventing is all about re-designing, upgrading and refreshing your current style, let us help you with that. We work on interior renovations such as flooring, bathroom, kitchen cabinets and countertops, as well as basement development, along with that we also can provide you with interior wall painting, electrical help, adding a fireplace, light repairs and fixtures, taking care of all the little things because we know how these little things make the largest impact in your life. Creating more storage and making the entrance and passageways much more breathable, fixing windows and glass sliding doors to add more classic displays, and making entertainment spaces where you can go all Hakuna-matata.

Basement Development

Our designers can help create a style so that it complements the look and feel of the home, that you desire to have. And if we’re giving your house an outfit then accessories are a must. Basement development is the accessories you need to have, to complete the look of your amazing outfit. We will make sure to show you all the possible sets available for your home.

Custom Built-Ins

With your choice of custom built-in installations such as bookshelves, closets, cupboards, desks, tables, booths, and storage units, you may be able to create additional space at your place. Better than standing furniture, where you may only fit in certain items. We chalk out and remodel your property according to your needs and desires and accommodating maximum utilities. From lighting upgrades to wallpaper settings, you need it, we provide it. Framing, Drywalls, Cleaning, HVAC, and electrical, we have got all the services you need for your basement. Smooth operations that are durable, dependable, and dynamic. From designing to the procurement of quality materials to the execution of the entire project, we will make sure you’re in the loop of each step that we take.

Interior Paints

The best way to give your place a complete transformation is through painting, no matter, what wear and tear, we will get it all covered under our services. At Maple Home Solution, no problem goes unresolved when it comes to renovating your home. Eliminate the dullness and invite a new beginning with fresh colours. Talking about figures, well, the standard the home, the higher the value. Whilst also protecting your walls from all the dirt and dust, new paint will make sure you breathe in clear air.

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